500 Faces Campaign


Two of DoveLewis' community outreach programs need additional support: the Stray Animal & Wildlife Program and the Velvet Assistance Fund.

The Stray Animal & Wildlife Program makes it possible to treat every injured lost, stray or wildlife animal that comes through DoveLewis' doors. Additional funds will help DoveLewis to provide more extensive treatment for these strays and wildlife, saving more lives.

The Velvet Assistance Fund provides assistance to qualified low-income families to help cover the cost of their pet's medical treatment. In 2011, DoveLewis provided financial assistance to 939 individuals and families, saving hundreds of animals’ lives.

Your support of the 500 Faces Campaign will help raise awareness and funds for these programs. Together, we’ll save 500 lives!

Ways donations will help:

  • $25 supplies bird food for injured native birds
  • $65 pays for one parvovirus diagnosis test for a puppy in a family in need of financial assistance
  • $100 provides one splint replacement for an injured animal’s limb
  • $300 aids in financial assistance for one family to receive medical treatment for a sick or injured pet
  • $500 provides emergency care for native song birds attacked by cats
  • $1,000 provides an enucleation to remove a damaged eye

Donations made are 100 percent tax deductible.

Thank you for your participation. Your support saves lives!


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