Ash's Mash

These recipes are great to make a head and freeze. Just take out what you need the night before.

I have birds ranging in size from budgie to African Grey. These will work for all of them.


Remember: Even if you just do one little thing better or extra for your feathered friends a week that is good!

hot cereal


Ash's Mash

In one/half cup measure put half quinoa and half 10 grain
cereal. Put 3 times the water in. So 1 and 1/2 cups. Bring to a boil
and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.
When done cooking, add 2 TBS of nut butter. Then add some whole
wheat germ flakes or flakes of the grain of your choice .
Then add half a cup ground veggies or fruit of your choice. Stir
well and give to birds. This made enough for my for birds for 2 or
3 days.

I have also used millet instead of quinoa, whatever flakes are available at the store- oat, wheat, barley, and 7,8, or 10 grain cereal based on what is in it and if it is fresh



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