PETITION: Tell CITES to suspend trade in African Grey Parrots! (URGENT




A note from the Executive Director of the World Parrot Trust:

In less time than it takes you to read this message you can help save thousands of wild African Grey Parrots from a cruel and unnecessary fate. 

It's rare to have the opportunity to influence the lives of so many incredibly intelligent and threatened birds, but right now you can, simply by signing this petition.

Next week in Switzerland (July 23, 2012), a small gathering of people who decide how wildlife can and can't be traded around the world (the CITES Standing Committee) will decide on the fate of thousands of wild African Grey Parrots. Specifically, Congo - one of the largest exporters of these birds - is hoping to continue the practice of legally capturing these birds to sell to Asia and the Middle East.

Their quota of 5,000 birds is regularly exceeded. And in Cameroon, despite a zero export quota for this species, a total of over 5,000 birds were exported in the last four years for which data is available. So, this decision next week will decide the fate of thousands of African Grey Parrots traded … every year.

Now is our chance to urge CITES to protect this Globally Threatened Species from such unsustainable pressures. If we can get CITES to adopt a trade suspension from these two countries, we'll not only spare thousands of birds, we will help turn the tide on the trade in wild parrots for good.

Please join us, sign your name, get all your friends to do the same, and help us save thousands of wild parrots today!

Thank you for your support,

Jamie Gilardi, Ph.D.
Executive Director, World Parrot Trust

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  1. January 18, 2013 @ 9:45 am

    michelle a cuneo

    why is this crap still happening....WHY?????????? why is any animal taken out of their natural habitat for MONEY????????? special place in hell for you all


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