Voluntary Product Recall from Lafeber

This letter was written July 11th. Please check your cupboards for these Nutriberries and remove any items you may have!

July 11, 2012

RE: Voluntary Product Recall

Dear Customers,

You expect, and depend upon, the highest quality products.  For over 41 years, Lafeber Company has prided itself in manufacturing extremely high quality products that you can trust time and time again.  Because we expect nothing less than perfection in our products and we value your trust, we feel it is necessary to recall this product.

We have learned that certain grains stored in hot humid conditions can develop hot spots, randomly increasing their moisture.  We discovered that one of the grains used in our products was not properly stored prior to its arrival to our facility, resulting in some small areas containing undesirably higher moisture content.    Because the increased moisture level can lead to problems with the food over time, such as bacterial or fungal growth, we recommend that you discontinue feeding the listed lot numbers.  (See affected lot numbers below)

No problems have been reported and we are recalling the food to ensure that there are no problems.

Because of the randomness of hot spots, our quality control procedures did not detect the problem initially. Unfortunately, this was an unexpected quality control problem and new quality measures have already been put in place to prevent this in the future.

The product in question it’s being replaced and we will be contacting All customers affected to make arrangements for product replacement and for the return of the product in question.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your support and understanding, we appreciate it very much.


Dr Ted Lafeber

CEO & President

Product affected by this voluntary recall:

Product description                                                      Best Before

Parrot Nutri-Berries 12oz tubs                                          121913B


Parrot Nutri-Berries 3.25lb tubs, 20lb boxes                121813A – 121813B – 121913A  122713A – 122713B  and 010514


Parrot Popcorn Nutri-Berries  4oz, 1lb bags                    122013 – 122613


Cockatiel Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries 10oz bags            122113 – 010214


Parrot Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries 10oz, 3lb bags            122513 – 122813

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